Michigan Library Association Annual Conference Poster Session

A few days ago I attended the Michigan Library Association Annual Meeting as a poster presenter. I was there to showcase my special project as a Graduate Student Assistant at the Wayne State University Undergraduate Library. I am inventorying a large labor and union collection that was given to Wayne State 10-15 years ago by the Detroit Public Library who had originally received it from the John C. Crerar Library in Chicago.


Standing by my poster before the presentation

I had the opportunity to talk to fellow students and alumni of the MLIS program at WSU and librarians from across the state of Michigan. It was thrilling to talk to so many interested individuals about what I’m doing as a graduate student at Wayne State and get feedback about how this could possibly influence my future career.
I arrived in the morning to set up and get a feel for the venue. MLA was held in downtown Grand Rapids this year, at the Amway Grand Plaza, where there were still pieces of the Grand Rapids ArtPrize exhibit installed.


Poster Session Set Up

My poster was set up to look like a road map with two other posters, my supervisor’s poster was about the GSA projects and another GSA’s special project poster. The other GSA’s poster was originally on the other side of the room so, naturally, it had to be moved around to fit its original design.


Before the move


After the move; looks much better

The poster presenters had to be in the ballroom from 2-3pm on Wednesday to talk about their posters and give any handouts away that they had brought with them. I was a little nervous for the first person who came to talk to me, but quickly gained my footing. It was a short hour of talking to interested library professionals from the area, which gave me, confidence in my project. I had a few interested parties give suggestions and even more people ask about my use of the ancient card catalogs for trouble shooting the project. I also was able to spend some quality time with my supervisor and fellow GSA, talking about what was going on in our lives and trading ideas for our job searches. I had an enjoyable time both presenting and walking around at the MLA Annual Conference this year. If any of my fellow ALA@Wayne members have the opportunity to apply for presenting a poster session at any of the conferences they are interested in, I would highly recommend it!


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